Asian Business

With our subsidiary in Singapore, Lacto Asia Pte. Ltd., as the nucleus, we have established subsidiaries and affiliated companies in Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and China and are expanding our business operations in the region. In Asia, we operate two businesses: a dairy ingredient sales division (trading company business) and a cheese manufacturing and sales division (cheese manufacturing business) .


The dairy ingredient sales division mainly imports and sells dairy ingredients procured from various countries around the world. Our customers are food manufacturers and food service companies (restaurant chains, cafes, etc.), and we provide services to Japanese and local companies operating in Asia by utilizing our know-how as a food ingredient trading company that has been cultivated in Japan.


In addition, although we are a trading company, we also have a manufacturing business, which is a unique feature of our company. In the cheese manufacturing and sales division, we manufacture our original brand of processed cheese for commercial use at our plants in Singapore and Thailand, and sell it to customers in Asian countries.

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< Asian Business / Dairy Ingredients Sales Division >

Whole milk powder / skim milk powder / milk powder preparations / etc.


< Asian Business / Cheese Manufacturing and Sales Division >

Processed cheese(original brand) / natural cheese / shredded cheese / etc.


We are also selling functional food ingredients as a new business. In recent years, there has been an increasing need for the development of foods with improved functionality, based on the theme of health. In order to meet the needs of these customers, Lacto Japan is expanding its sales of milk protein, a high protein food ingredient derived from milk, as well as collagen, glucosamine, nuts, and other products with appealing functionality. We will continue to increase our handling of new ingredients to satisfy the needs of our customers.


< Functional Food Ingredients Division >

Dairy protein / vegetable protein / gelatin / collagen / glucosamine / nuts / oats / etc.


< Othres >

Information gathering in major raw milk producing countries /  business negotiations / supplier development / etc.