Functional Food Ingredients

In recent years, there has been an increasing need for the development of foods with improved functionality, based on the theme of "health." In order to meet these growing health-related needs, Lacto Japan is selling dairy protein, a high protein food ingredient derived from milk, as well as gelatin and collagen, plant-based ingredients, and other products with appealing functionality.


We sell products to a wide range of buyers, namely, the sports nutrition industry, the beauty and health foods industry, the nursing care industry and the food industry.

Strengths of Lacto Japan "Functional Food Ingredients"


A wide range of support for the development of protein products

  • In order to meet the needs of customers in various fields for the development of protein products, we are not only importing and selling ingredients, but also expanding our range of products that include functional materials as sub-ingredients.
  • We provide a wide range of support, including introductions to OEM partner companies, plans for new products, and recipe ideas.


Introduction and proposal of functional food ingredients

  • We introduce and propose a wide range of functional food ingredients procured from Japan and overseas to the sports nutrition industry, beauty and health foods industry, nursing care industry, and food industry, as well as to general food manufacturers.


Dairy Protein / Vegetable Protein / Gelatin・Collagen / Plant-Based Ingredients,etc.

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