Dairy Ingredients and Cheese Business Division

To meet the needs of our customers, we handle a full lineup of "dairy ingredients" and "cheese," as well as "powdered milk mixtures" that are compliant with the Japanese import system.


"Powdered milk mixtures" are used in a wide range of food products such as ice cream, yogurt, beverages, as well as ingredients for processed foods such as bread and confectionery. We handle over 500 different products. 


In the case of "cheese," we import and sell natural cheese that is mainly used as an ingredient in processed cheese and shredded cheese.

Strengths of Lacto Japan "Dairy Ingredients and Cheese Business Division"


Know-how related to dairy Ingredients accumulated since the dawn of Japan's dairy products imports

  • Based on the knowledge we have cultivated on the front lines over many years, we always procure the finest ingredients thanks to the timing of purchasing and transportation as well as quality control to ensure a stable supply to our customers.
  • As Japan's import system becomes more diverse, we are also developing products in line with the new import system.
  • In regard to the products we procure, we supply not only general products but also customized products that meet our customers’ needs.


A well-developed procurement network covering major production areas around the world

  • We have local subsidiaries in major production areas around the world and maintain good relationships with excellent suppliers who have earned our trust and confidence over many years of business.
  • By covering many suppliers in the world's major raw milk producing regions, we are able to diversify procurement risks and ensure a stable supply of dairy ingredients. 


Timely provision of market information from representative staff at overseas subsidiaries

  • We collect and analyze a variety of information, including specialized information on dairy ingredients in Japan and overseas, accurate market information from our overseas subsidiaries and expatriates, information obtained from local life and environments, and changing foreign exchange and interest rate trends, to provide regular and timely information to our customers.


Japanese dairy products export business

  • We are engaged in the export business of domestically produced dairy products in cooperation with our group companies operating in Asia.
  • We have developed individual export strategies and have begun to focus not only on the export of domestic dairy products, but also on the export of our customers' finished products.
  • Through sales of dairy products in countries around the world, we have established strong ties not only with Japanese companies but also with major local companies.


Dairy Ingredients

Whole Milk Powder / Skim Milk Powder / Cream / Butter / Butter Oil / Whey Powder / WPC (Whey Protein Concentrate) / WPI / MPC / MPI / Whey Permeate / Casein / Caseinate / Powdered Milk Mixtures / Prepared Butter Mixtures / Cocoa Preparations / Butter Blends(Butter type, AMF type) / Other Milk Preparations / Lactose / Condensed Milk / Processed Egg Products (Dried Eggs, Frozen Eggs, etc.)  


Natural Cheese (mainly Gouda, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Cream Cheese, etc.) / Processed Cheese / Casein

Diagram of Dairy Ingredients

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