Lacto Japan’s solutions

We have built a value chain over many years between our suppliers, from whom we procure ingredients, and our customers, such as food manufacturers. In each of these processes, we provide optimal products and services to our customers by leveraging our various strengths, including our expertise, our ability to collect and disseminate information globally and in a timely manner, and our ability to procure and supply products with thorough quality control.

Introduction to our business divisions

To support the healthy eating habits of consumers, we handle a wide range of products from dairy ingredients, cheese, meat and meat products to functional food ingredients.

We import and sell "dairy ingredients", "cheese" and "milk preparations" made from raw milk from countries around the world.


Whole Milk Powder / Skim Milk Powder / Cream / Butter / Natural Cheese

We import and supply processed meat products, mainly pork, such as dry-cured ham and salami, from countries around the world.  


Pork (chilled and frozen) / Beef / Chicken / Dry-Cured Ham / Salami

We import dairy ingredients from countries around the world and sell them to Japanese and local companies operating in Asia.


Whole Milk Powder / Skim Milk Powder / Butter Milk Powder / Cream / Butter

We manufacture processed cheese at our own factories in Singapore and Thailand and sell it to customers in Asian countries.


Processed Cheese (original brand) / Shredded Cheese (Natural Cheese) / Vegan Cheese (Cheese Analogue)

We are selling dairy protein, as well as gelatin・collagen, Plant-Based Ingredients, and other products with functionality.


Dairy Protein / Vegetable Protein / Gelatin・Collagen