Sustainability Policy

Lacto Japan Group aims to achieve sustainable corporate growth and contribute to a sustainable society through business activities to realize its management philosophy, "Bring health and happiness to people by connecting the world through food.”

Sustainable management promotion framework

Lacto Japan conducts general discussions regarding sustainability at Executive Committee meetings and management meetings while at the same time encouraging the sharing of knowledge regarding sustainability and understanding of its status through internal study groups and other activities.


Sustainability activities are led by "the Sustainability Promotion Task Team," which consists of members selected across divisions. The task team reviews long-term business risks and opportunities and responses and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee discusses the recommendations and reports on measures and other matters to the Board of Directors, which makes decisions and supervises their implementation.

Stakeholder engagement

Lacto Japan places great importance on dialogue with its stakeholders, including shareholders, investors, employees, customers including business partners, suppliers, and consumers. In addition, Lacto Japan exchanges information and opinions with government bodies such as Japan's Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF).


Our suppliers are global manufacturers of dairy ingredients, meat and other products that have attained our rigorous quality standards. We have established mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers through negotiations regarding matters such as the improvement of issues at production sites and production volume.


The main purchasers of our products are leading domestic food manufacturers, such as dairy, confectionery and beverage producers, and feed manufacturers. We have continued to strengthen our relationships with these customers over the years by sharing our expertise and making proposals regarding dairy ingredients, which are one of our strengths, when they develop high-value-added dairy products.