Formulation of Long-term Vision and Corporate Business Plan

We celebrated the 25th anniversary of our foundation in 2023.
Taking this opportunity, we have formulated a Long-term Vision, LACTO VISION 2032, for the next 10 years and a three-year Corporate Business Plan, NEXT-LJ 2025, starting in 2023.
Under LACTO VISION 2032, we aim to increase profit-earning opportunities by solidifying the foundation for the next-generation growth stage, expanding the range of products handled, and enhancing functions, while building on the strength of our existing businesses.
In addition, we will continue to strengthen our management base so that we can respond quickly and flexibly to changes in the business environment.

Positioning of the Long-term Vision and Corporate Business Plan

Note: FY11/1998~FY11/2012: Non-consolidated sales / FY11/2013 onward: Consolidated sales                                      

Founded as a trading company specializing in dairy products, we have continued to expand our business domain and achieve profitable growth, including the launch of our processed cheese manufacturing and sales business in Southeast Asia in 2003.


Under our new management philosophy, we will continue to create demand for "food" that meets the needs of the coming era and provide diverse and abundant value to our various stakeholders, thereby achieving sustainable growth.

Outline of the Long-term Vision, "LACTO VISION 2032"


  1. Change from a trading company specializing in dairy products to a complex food company
  2. Become No. 1 in Japan and the world in dairy product transaction volume
  3. Create demand through best matching and contribute to the development of the dairy and livestock farming industries

Numerical Targets(Consolidated)

ESG targets

We have identified six materialities and set individual measures and quantitative targets (in part)

Lacto Japan aims to grow sustainably with society through its business activities.
Therefore, we have decided to incorporate ESG targets into our Long-term Vision, as well, and have identified six materialities based on the characteristics of our business and megatrends in society, and will proceed with initiatives accordingly.

Outline of the Corporate Business Plan "NEXT-LJ 2025"

Business growth

Strengthening of management base

As in the past, the basic policies of our Corporate Business Plan are organized into three categories: Base, Growth, and Challenges. In the existing businesses, which are our "Base," we will continue to evolve with ingenuity while appropriately assessing the business environment. Next, with regard to "Growth," we will expand our Asian business with processed cheese manufacturing and sales at its core. And then, under "Challenges," we plan to build next-generation businesses, including the development of functional food ingredients businesses that lead to better health.

Numerical Targets(Consolidated)

Financial Targets(Consolidated)

In order to achieve medium- to long-term growth, we will combine investment in the Asian Business with the reinforcement of our financial position. At the same time, we aim to increase the dividend payout ratio, positioning the return of profits to shareholders as a key management issue.

Long-term Vision and Corporate Business Plan