Information disclosure policy

In order to maintain and build long-term relationships of trust with all stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, the Company has adopted a policy of disclosing information in a timely and appropriate manner, based on transparency, fairness and continuity. In addition, we engage in constructive dialogue with our stakeholders and strive to ensure that opinions and other comments received are appropriately reflected in our corporate activities. In addition to legal disclosures, we disclose as proactively and fairly as possible any information we believe is useful to our stakeholders, such as our management policies and the management environment.

Criteria for information disclosure

1. Timely disclosure of important information

The Company discloses information in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, etc. and the regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, on which the Company's shares are listed.
The officer in charge of information management certifies important information according to the content of such information and in accordance with the procedures specified in the internal regulations.


2. Voluntary Disclosure

Even in the case of information that does not fall under the above timely disclosure rules, we proactively disclose information that is judged to be useful information that contributes to investment decisions, while taking into consideration timeliness and fairness.

Methods of information disclosure

We disclose information based on our timely disclosure rules by announcing it via the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and, at the same time, we issue press releases and post it on the Company's website. We also disclose other information based on an appropriate method, depending on the content of the information.

Quiet period

In order to prevent the leakage of financial information and to ensure fairness, the Company has a quiet period from the day after the end of each quarter to the date of the announcement of financial results. During this period, we refrain from making any new comments that differ from the most recent disclosure information related to our financial results. However, if there is expected to be a large deviation from the previous forecast of business performance during this period, we will disclose information accordingly, based on timely disclosure rules. Even during the quiet period, we respond to inquiries regarding information that has already been made public.

Forward-looking statements

Information disclosed by the Company other than historical facts constitutes future estimates and plans based on the judgment of the Company at the time of disclosure. Please be aware that these forward-looking statements may include factors such as risks and uncertainties, and actual results and business performance may differ from those projected.