We aim to provide diverse and composite value that goes beyond the boundaries of merely being a "trading company and manufacturer."

I was involved in the establishment of Lacto Japan as one of the founding members, and since its establishment, I have accumulated achievements mainly as a sales manager of dairy ingredients. From 2007, as the head of the Singapore base at that time, I also experienced overseas management and focused on strengthening the foundation of this base. Then, in February 2017, I was appointed president. I believe that my greatest mission as president is to strengthen the foundation for the Company’s sustainable growth by leveraging the strengths we have developed over the years and to pass them on to the next generation. I have also conveyed this intention to all employees.


In addition, I emphasize the concept of "fairness and impartiality" in all aspects of management and business operations. Through my past experience working overseas, I personally feel that suppliers and customers are on equal footing so it is important to connect both parties in a fair and impartial manner, and I am working to spread this idea both internally and externally.


Lacto Japan recognizes that its greatest mission is to ensure that the Japanese market and Asian markets, which has a low level of self-sufficiency in dairy ingredients and other foods, is able to secure supplies from overseas. In this context, we place importance not only on ensuring a stable supply of the world's limited resources to the Japanese market, but also on acting as a fair and impartial bridge between suppliers and customers to achieve mutually appropriate and beneficial transactions.


Lacto Japan celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2023, and I see this as our "second founding period." Therefore, we directed a review of our Corporate Philosophy for the next 25 years and formulated a new Purpose, Mission, Value, and Code of Conduct, led by the members who will lead the next generation and pioneer the future.


And in order to achieve this Purpose, our policy is to create and provide diverse value that goes beyond the framework of our existing businesses. Lacto Japan was founded as a trading company specializing in dairy products, and even today, revenues from trading company activities account for approximately 80% of total revenues. However, in 2003, we started a business of manufacturing and selling processed cheese in Southeast Asia, and we have continued to expand its business scale and profits to the present day. Under our new Corporate Philosophy, we will continue to realize sustainable growth by capturing the "food" needs of the coming age and providing diverse and abundant value to our stakeholders, while combining our trading and manufacturing activities.

Motohisa Miura

Lacto Japan Co., Ltd.