Selecting suppliers

When selecting suppliers, food safety is the first consideration for a specialist food trading company like Lacto Japan.

Our decision to start sourcing products from a supplier is not based on cost alone.

In addition to high product quality and technological capabilities, our suppliers are also required to introduce adequate food safety management systems at all stages of the production process.

We take a wide range of factors into consideration when choosing potential suppliers, including earnings stability and financial strength. The selection process also includes visits to supplier facilities to confirm food safety management with our own eyes.

Food management and testing system

Lacto Japan has established a food management and testing system that extends to manufacturing processes at suppliers. We visit supplier facilities on a regular basis and conduct strict tests based on the knowledge we have accumulated over many years as a specialist food trading company. Our rigorous system also includes sample tests and quality control tests conducted by third parties in domestic and overseas distribution channels.

Risk management system

One of the key roles of trading companies is dealing with unforeseen problems that arise before delivery.To deal with these issues, we have created a Groupwide risk management system from senior management right down to frontline personnel. This system allows us to rapidly supply alternative products, as well as identify the cause of the issue and develop measures to prevent it happening again.