Rigorous food safety

When selecting suppliers, we look at areas such as product quality, technology, product development and the company’s ability to adapt to customer needs. Our suppliers must also have adequate food safety management systems in place at all stages of the production process. We visit supplier facilities to check standards are being met in production processes. We also carry out microbiological tests on food in distribution channels as part of thorough quality control.

Comprehensive support – a key trait of specialist trading companies

Lacto Japan has remained competitive by leveraging its procurement and sales network that it has developed through many years of business in the dairy products industry and gathering the latest market information from overseas subsidiaries and offices.


We reliably deliver food ingredients to user production facilities and have built up our expertise as a specialist food trading company. Using this know-how, we provide technical support for new product development, and we also offer timely analysis and provision of financial data such as foreign exchange and interest rates, which can change dramatically on a daily basis. These strengths enable us to provide value-added support to our customers.

Ingredients and products

< Dairy ingredients >
Whole milk powder / skimmed milk powder / butter / cream / butter oil /whey powder / whey protein concentrate (WPC) / casein / caseinate / prepared milk powder mixtures (for ice cream, dairy beverages, chocolate etc.) / prepared butter mixtures (for margarine and ice cream) / other prepared dairy mixtures (ingredients for milk powder used in infant formula, prepared condensed milk etc.) / lactose and other products / processed egg products  (dried eggs, frozen eggs) / etc.

< Cheese >
Processed cheese / natural cheese and other products