Dairy products, the main type of products handled by Lacto Japan, are sometimes referred to as gifts from heaven, as they contain almost all the daily nutrients we need.


In recent times, major advances in food processing technology have allowed us to create a wide variety of different dairy products, such as condensed milk and products made from milk extracts. As a result, dairy products are now used in a wide range of areas such as the health food and medical fields, in addition to the traditional area of food ingredients. That means Lacto Japan is directly involved in supplying ingredients to people of all ages   from the very young to the very old.


Since the start of this century, the business environment in the processed meat industry has undergone some dramatic changes. We have seen unusual weather patterns in all parts of the world, the rise of emerging markets with vast populations, and imbalances between feed supply and demand due to the growing use of grain to make bio-ethanol, which has caused sharp fluctuations in feed prices.


The processed meat industry, which is another important business domain, has been also impacted.
We have opened overseas offices in the major areas where dairy and meat products originated such as the EU, the US and Australia and formed partnerships with some of the world’s leading suppliers to maintain accesss to stable supply sources. 


Amid rapid globalization in domestic food procurement, Japan has put in place some of the world’s most rigorous rules on food safety and security.


We are doing everything possible, together with our suppliers, to ensure customer satisfaction, such as implementing traceability systems that cover all areas of production right back to the feed given to dairy cattle, pigs and other livestock, monitoring factory hygiene conditions and production lines, and conducting quality control checks. 


Going forward, we will continue to grow and develop as a company that makes a difference to society, helping to solve some of today’s challenges by contributing to people’s nutrition, health and enjoyment of food.