Supplying products with reliable quality at stable prices to users in Japan

Lacto Japan sources meat with reliable levels of quality from producing areas around the world, which we supply at stable prices to food manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in Japan. Our operations are mainly focused on the sourcing and sale of US pork.

We source premium ham products from key producing regions in Italy and Spain, which we sell to wholesalers that supply major supermarket chains in Japan.

Our list of products also includes prepared bacon and Peking duck.

A specialist meat supplier with detailed knowledge of the industry

Leveraging our knowledge of meat products and the industry as a whole, we plan to expand the scope of our business by adding more suppliers and customers to our network.  

We are in a position to help all parties benefit: we can coordinate the distribution of products to Japan for suppliers, and we can partner with customers to help them add value through new business models that cover procurement through to sales.  


< Pork >
Chilled pork, frozen pork etc.

< Processed products >
Ham, salami, bacon etc.